Would you rather have skilled or unskilled labor?

With Ritz-Craft modular homes, you can count on decades of experience within our labor force of skilled craftsmen.

by Myles Biggs

Ritz-Craft Modular Homes

When the housing market crashed, most construction laborers transitioned to other industries in order to find work. As a result, site-builders today are struggling to find subcontractors, have to settle for workers with low levels of training and have issues enticing younger workers into the housing industry.

These issues, while somewhat devastating for site-builders, have had less of an effect on the modular housing industry. In fact, many home builders who previously built homes on-site are turning to system-built construction methods to keep up with consumer demand.

At Ritz-Craft, we have been able to retain a highly skilled workforce. Our system-built construction methods ensure that each craftsman becomes an expert in his or her area of home building. The modules which comprise our homes arrive on your job site up to 85% complete, reducing the amount of subcontractors necessary to complete your home. Employment at Ritz-Craft is often a family affair, with generations of families taking pride in the homes built within our production facilities.

As the housing industry continues to rebound, opportunists will undoubtedly seep out of the wood work and try to cash in on both rising home prices and anxious buyers. As a potential home owner, you have to ask yourself this – do you trust just anyone with a hammer, a pick-up truck and shaky qualifications? Or do you trust a company that has been in business for nearly 60 years with an employee base that averages decades of experience in the housing industry?

What are your thoughts on construction labor shortage and on Ritz-Craft modular home advantages? Give us your opinion in the comments section below.