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Build more homes, in less time.

Moving to Ritz-Craft’s off-site modular building process will not only help you to build more homes, it will help you to build your business. Think of Ritz-Craft as a super-sub, building the modules for your project inside our climate-controlled building environments while you will prepare the site — at the same time. Effectively reducing the overall timeline of your project, saving your customers money on their construction loan carrying costs, and allowing you to be paid faster.

This reduction in time, paired with a reduced need for a large number of subcontractors, allows your business to expand outside of your geographic market, without having to drastically expand your overhead.

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Custom Building Simplified

Get your FREE copy of “Custom Building Simplified.” A detailed resource with more information about how implementing a modular building system can help you grow your business.


Build more homes.

Reduce your number of sub-contractors. Increase your number of closings. By shifting your business from building on-site to building off-site you’ll reduce your overall build times as well as your project management burden.

Other benefits include:

  • Consistent and dependable labor at the Ritz-Craft factory
  • Consistent quality and craftsman ship on every build
  • The ability to build during inclement weather
  • Reduced exposure to on-site job theft
  • Fewer on-site inspections
  • Reduced job-site waste

Modules undergo a rigorous quality control and third-party inspection process in our factories and arrive to your building site up to 80% complete. Depending on the complexity of your build, your final finish crew can complete the job in a third of the time you’re accustomed to.

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Build your business.

Helping you find new leads, nurture relationships, and increase brand awareness. At Ritz-Craft we build more than homes, we build businesses. Through our one-of-a-kind Total Marketing Solution (TMS).

We take the guess work out of your marketing so you can focus on what you do best — homebuilding. With TMS your website is hassle-free, your lead nurturing processes can be automated, and the logistics of project management become scalable.

Throw in additional tools for photorealistic home renderings, virtual home tours, customizable design rooms, and more, and there is no doubt Ritz-Craft makes it easy for your business to deliver the buying experience today’s savvy consumers expect.

What are you waiting for? Talk with an expert about how to get started!

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