Modular Homes Offer Urban Infill Solutions

Home buyers do not have to settle for aging urban structures

by Myles Biggs

Modular Homes Provide Urban Infill Solutions - Ritz-Craft Blog

The word ‘urban’ invokes an image of crowded streets, sprawling bridges and towering skylines. Few people could ever imagine a new home being methodically transported through such an urban environment; however, modular building systems have become quite popular in urban areas where market demand calls for quicker construction timelines, energy efficiency and modern appeal.

In most instances, urban infill projects involve the demolition of an existing structure that has aged beyond repair. Once the debris is cleared, a new home can be erected on the same piece of land. However, in most urban environments, these building lots are incredibly small. This can cause trouble for site-builders who have to spend anywhere from a few weeks to a few months working on a new home that is often between two existing homes. The noise from their tools and their vehicles become a public nuisance, as do their building supplies, which often remain stacked in the area.

This is where the beauty of modular construction comes in to play.

By choosing a modular building solution, a home builder can have the new structure erected and weather tight in a quick as one day. This helps to reduce, if not eliminate job-site theft and vandalism. From there, most of the finish work takes place indoors – eliminating many of the public nuisances and lowering neighborhood tensions associated with new construction.

As our nation’s cities and urban neighborhoods continue to age, modular homes present the perfect solution for rebuilding these areas with energy efficient structures that can take us into a more sustainable future.  

Ritz-Craft is pleased to align ourselves with home builders operating in urban markets. One such builder was just featured by Builder Magazine in an online article about modular building systems and urban infill projects.

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