Mobile-Optimized Website Now Live

The Ritz-Craft website is now easier to navigate on your Smartphone.

Mobile-Optimized Home Page



by Myles Biggs

Ritz-Craft is leading the way as the first modular home manufacturer in the system-built housing industry to launch a mobile-optimized website. This new mobile website allows us to adapt to the changing ways home buyers access information and focus on delivering meaningful content to web-enabled Smartphones and tablets. It also allows you, the home buyer, to easily access the information saved in your Favorites System wherever you have an internet connection.

Customized for mobile viewing, the new website presents all of Ritz-Craft’s floor plan and product information in a clear and concise fashion. While navigating the mobile website you can also share information via email, Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms popular with mobile phones.

This introduction of a Ritz-Craft mobile website is in response to the growing demand for mobile information among consumers. Reed Dillon, Ritz-Craft’s Director of Marketing, explains:

“In 2012, approximately 20% of all consumers that visited the Ritz-Craft website did so via a mobile device. So far in 2013, that number has increased to nearly 30% of all users. As younger generations enter the home buying market, we are confident that this number will only increase further. By investing in a mobile website now, we are positioning ourselves for continued growth and success in the future.”

Ritz-Craft is planning to further invest in the mobile market, with the introduction of a proprietary Ritz-Craft iPad application scheduled for release at the end of this summer.

Are you visiting our website on your Smartphone? Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments section below.