Triple Crown Model Home Tour

Take a virtual tour through our Triple Crown model home in Mifflinburg.


George Trevino

10:12 AM on July 27, 2014
Thought it was a tiny house. It's not! And the dinningroom space was not sacrificed like in most smaller homes!!! What is the square footage?

Ritz - Craft

8:39 AM on July 28, 2014
Thanks George! This home has 1,953 square feet of living space.

Renae Jones

4:05 PM on August 7, 2014
Do you have land available that can be sold along with the home

Ritz - Craft

4:33 PM on August 7, 2014
Hi Renae, this is a great question!

Ritz-Craft only builds the home, which you would purchase through your nearest Ritz-Craft home builder. Your local builder, along with a local real estate agent, would be the people to contact about available land.

If you have not been put in touch with a Ritz-Craft builder yet, feel free to fill out our Contact form and your information will be sent to the builder nearest you.

Thank you for your interest in Ritz-Craft!

Elizabeth Ebright

11:11 AM on August 8, 2014
Live in Virginia, and would like to take a road trip to tour the most models in one given place.

Ritz - Craft

2:25 PM on August 8, 2014
Hi Elizabeth - we're happy to know that you're interested in viewing our models!

Our Mifflinburg, PA location has the most models to tour, with a total of four. Feel free to call us for any additional information!

Cynthia Prusik

8:56 AM on October 4, 2014
I understand that these homes are highly customizable. I would love to know the ballpark cost of this model finished the way it's shown in the tour.

Ritz - Craft

3:02 PM on October 13, 2014
Hi Cynthia, these homes are definitely customizable. However, the costs vary from region to region. In order to get the most accurate pricing, we encourage you to fill out our "Contact" form which will put you in touch with the Ritz-Craft home builder nearest you. Thank you for your interest in Ritz-Craft!
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