The Jacob's Creek

Ritz-Craft's House of the Month for January 2014.

Proposed Exterior



by Myles Biggs

The House of the Month for January 2014 is the "Jacob's Creek," and has been designed to satisfy today’s discriminating home buyer. This ranch style home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and delivers 1,680 square feet of living space. 

By including numerous decorative accents as standard features, the exterior of the Jacob’s Creek offers immense curb appeal. Some of these decorative features include:

  • 4-over-1 window grids with matched mulled transoms
  • (3) pairs of slatted cottage shutters on the front door side
  • Painted Craftsmen 4-light front door 
  • Board & batten accent siding in the front, vault gable
  • 3-piece custom glass array for the front, vault gable

The interior of the Jacob’s Creek features a formal foyer and an open concept design. Furthermore, the master suite features a massive walk-in closet with dedicated linen storage, a his-and-her vanity sink configuration, a soaking tub featuring flanking walls with laminate tops and a 42” x 42” shower with a glass door.  

Other notable interior features of this home include:

  • Vaulted ceiling in the living room
  • Optional wood burning fireplace in the living room with a Roseville mantel and flue kit
  • (2) pendant lights over the kitchen island
  • 6’ utility room package with stacked appliances
  • Niche in the master bedroom with a laminate top, arched header and recessed light

What do you like most about this floor plan? Let us know in a comment below! 


Jon Stewart

9:05 PM on January 3, 2014
Could the roof be pitched a bit more to allow for a walk up stairs in the hall closet to an attic? Most people who would buy this house will be down sizing and they will need more storage. The full basement does not cut it for most people.

Ritz-Craft Corporation

9:38 AM on January 6, 2014
Absolutely Jon! All of our homes can be built on either a crawlspace or full basement foundation.

Features such as the roof pitch can be customized as well!

Ashleigh R

4:46 PM on January 6, 2014
What's the starting price on this home? It's beautiful.

Ritz-Craft Corporation

8:08 AM on January 7, 2014
Hi Ashleigh, we're glad you like it!

The price of this home will vary depending on the upgrades you choose, the land you build it on, etc.

If you fill out the "Contact Us" form on our website, your information will be sent to the home builder nearest you and they will be able to provide you with accurate pricing information.

Bobbi Matthews

5:57 PM on January 12, 2014
Do you have any interior pics of this unit? What is the BASE price of this model?

sue lepinske

6:54 PM on January 12, 2014
can the plans be flipped? I know my lot & where my utility/garage entrance would need to be, so I'd have to flip quite a few of these floorplans...

Ritz-Craft Corporation

11:49 AM on January 13, 2014
Hi Bobbi,

This is our House of the Month plan for January 2014. Since it was just released, this home has yet to be built and we do not have any interior photography - we apologize. However, if you take a moment to fill out our "Contact Us" form, we will send your information to the home builder nearest you and they will be able to provide you with the pricing you are looking for.

All of our plans can be flipped to fit your lot.

Thank you all for your feedback!

Janet Zapata

5:37 PM on January 26, 2014
The kitchen and Dining Rm should be swapped, so you don't have to carry the groceries so far from the garage.

Michael gialaboukis

9:07 PM on July 8, 2014
Is there anyway you can send me pictures of the inside of the jacob creek with the rooms all furnished me and my wife are interested of the jacob creek.thank you very much and can you send me more info on the house

Ritz - Craft

9:40 AM on July 9, 2014

Thank you for your interest in Ritz-Craft and in our Jacob's Creek floor plan. Unfortunately, this home was designed for our House of the Month promotion and not as a model home; therefore, we do not have photography of the interior as you have requested.

However, if you inquire with the Ritz-Craft home builder nearest to you, your builder can use Chief Architect to create a virtual view of what the home would look like with your option and color choices.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you again for your interest in Ritz-Craft!
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