Wood Mantle Range Hood

This Wood Mantle Range Hood offers homeowners a unique design accent

by Myles Biggs

Ritz-Craft Modular Homes - Custom Home Design

Our cabinet manufacturing subsidiary, Legacy Crafted Cabinets, recently attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in New Orleans. At the show, Legacy introduced this new Wood Mantle Range Hood and received lots of praise and positive feedback from Kitchen and Bath Industry professionals. Ritz-Craft is now excited to be able to offer this option in our custom, modular homes. 

This new range hood, which is solid wood, can be built in any of our available wood species – Oak, Maple, Cherry or Hickory. During the finishing process, this range hood can be painted, glazed or stained in any of our available cabinet color combinations. 

The true design value of this range hood lies in the fact that it does not have to match the wood species, paint, glaze or stain of the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen. A perfect example can be seen in the photo above where the range hood has been finished to match the kitchen island rather than the kitchen cabinets. 

Every homeowner is looking for a bit of design flair or a way to express their own personality through the fixtures in their home – this range hood offers a great opportunity to do just that. 

Contact us for more information about this range hood, including available sizes and specifications. 

What color combination would you introduce with this new range hood? Tell us in the comments section below!