Square Inches of Design Power

Decorative glass tiles can add intense pops of color in multiple areas of your home.

Full Backsplash Behind Range



by Myles Biggs

The task of choosing colors and products for each area of your new home can be daunting - taking hours of your time and leading to frustration. Every home owner is looking to project areas of their personality onto their home – but how?

Thankfully, Ritz-Craft offers several products that are versatile, useful in more than one room and create opportunities for home owners to reveal their personal style.

While flooring products and light fixtures require significant head movement to appreciate, there is one product in particular that greets you at eye-level, and each eye-popping square-inch demands your attention – Decorative Glass Tile.

The use of decorative glass tile is currently a very popular trend in interior design, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where fixtures are normally a neutral color. The use of glass tile allows the home owner to inject a pop of color, or a unique design, to compliment the traditional look of white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances or neutral toned bath fixtures.

While the aesthetic appeal of decorative glass tile is the reason why it appears on lists of design trends, its many practical advantages will ensure that it remains popular long after its initial trend phase. Unlike certain types of natural stone that easily lose their initial beauty and appeal, glass tiles are durable and easy to clean – a few wipes and they look as good as they day they were put in.

Ritz-Craft offers decorative glass tile in three different colors – Carbon, Lake Shores Blend and Desert Mirage. As seen in the images above, this tile has practical uses in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom. Our customers have used this tile intermittently with ceramic tile, as part of a backsplash; opted for a full backsplash behind the range in the kitchen; accented showers with two inch and four inch strips and have incorporated the tiles into tub deck designs.

When it comes to designing the custom home of your dreams, Ritz-Craft offers numerous interior and exterior options to choose from. Our full-time corporate designer is constantly adding new and improved colors and fixtures to ensure that we stay ahead of the latest trends.

How would you use these decorative glass tiles in your home? Tell us in the comments section below.