How to create the perfect Master Suite

The perfect Master Suite offers more than just a few rooms - it's your oasis, your retreat from the day.

Master Bedroom

The color scheme of this Master Bedroom uses blues and purples to invoke a calming sensation.



by Myles Biggs

It’s where each day begins and ends; where your children surprise you with breakfast in bed; where you and your spouse reconnect after a long day and where you relax with a good book or your favorite television show.

But how can you design a Master Retreat that you will love both now and decades later? Like anything worthwhile it is all about the details. 

Choose Calming Colors – The color you paint your master bedroom and bathroom greatly affects your disposition and the way you feel while you are in each space. Different colors invoke different psychological and emotional responses. There are varying schools of thought on this issue, however colors such as light purple, green and blue are all known to have calming effects and are good choices for a bedroom. Neutral colors are best in the bathroom, where you can add accent colors with your fixtures, cabinets, wall tile, etc. Feel free to experiment! The great thing about paint is that you can easily change it until you find the perfect fit.

Design Around Your Lifestyle – Is there a natural, open traffic flow to the layout of your master suite or does it feel cluttered and crowded? Are you living alone or do you share your space with a partner? And if so, do of both of you need to get ready at the same time? These simple questions can help you choose whether to have one sink or two, whether or not your closet entrance is off of your bedroom or a part of your bathroom, etc. By designing your room around your lifestyle – and not out of a book – you can better guarantee long term happiness with your space.

Minimize the Mess – A simple solution to happiness with your master retreat is to minimize clutter. After a while an excess of clutter can lead to increased stress and a decreased love of your space. The solution? Instead of relegating certain portions of your bathroom cabinetry as simply decorative, consider the use of certain pull-out options. For example, the gallery above shows the simplicity and functionality of a pull-out hamper. You can also opt for more open shelf storage, instead putting cabinet doors on everything. This will make the room feel more open and give you a chance to add additional pops of design and color. 

These three points are only a few of the many points to consider when designing a room. The beauty of building a new home is your ability to customize each room and to create the perfect retreat.

If you are now inspired to begin designing your own custom home, contact us and we will put you in touch with the Ritz-Craft builder closest to you.

Have you already designed your perfect retreat? Tell us what you like most about your space in a comment below. 


Mary Segal

8:41 AM on July 4, 2013
Hello, I love the wall color of the master bedroom. Do you know the name/brand? Thank you

Ritz-Craft Corporation

8:01 AM on July 5, 2013
Hi Mary, thanks for your interest!

In this particular home, the colors were from Sherwin Williams. The walls in the Master Bedroom were Earl Gray (SW-7660) and the walls in the Master Bathroom were Gray Clouds (SW-7658).
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