Glass Lights

Equal parts functionality and eye appeal.



by Myles Biggs

For many home owners, the best interior design elements contain equal parts functionality and eye appeal. Ritz-Craft's newest collection of glass lighting achieves this lofty goal.

Offering three different types of art glass - seedy, mercury and crackle - lights like these are part of the growing Arts & Crafts movement in interior design. Additionally, the Ritz-Craft design team has had great success pairing these lights with our popular 5 PC Shaker Oak and Maple cabinetry designs.

The best part about these glass lights is the ability to mix and match them with the rest of Ritz-Craft's lighting options. Home owners can choose to furnish an entire room with glass lighting or simply accent key focal points such as kitchen islands, dining areas and foyer entrances.

View these, and all of Ritz-Craft's lighting collections, by visiting our options section.


Wendy Nance

12:23 PM on February 2, 2015
All of the lighting I have seen with Ritz-Craft is very shic and easily accents the fine details in the homes.
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