Being Square Is Cool Again

When it comes to designing a room, consider adding some contemporary flair.

by Myles Biggs


Ritz-Craft Homes Offers Contemporary Design Options

As you’re designing your home, be careful not to fall into the vicious trap of convenience. While it can be easy to choose colors, finishes and fixtures that you are already comfortable with, you should also consider contemporary alternatives to current classics. 

A perfect example is your bathroom sink. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? After all, a sink is a sink, right? Wrong! Updating the look of a small detail like this, can do wonders for the overall feel of a room.

This porcelain drop-in sink is a perfect example of a contemporary twist to a commonly overlooked area. Believe it or not, this new square bowl design even offers more space than a traditional round bowl sink; meaning that updated fixtures can offer increased functionality as well as improved design.

When it comes to designing the custom home of your dreams, Ritz-Craft offers numerous interior and exterior options to choose from. Our full-time corporate designer is constantly adding new and improved colors and fixtures to ensure that we stay ahead of the latest trends.

What contemporary design accents do you plan on adding in your next home? Tell us in the comments section below.