April 05, 2013

Ritz-Craft Set to Attend the 64th Annual Atlantic Builders Convention

Atlantic City, NJ

MIFFLINBURG, PA: Ritz-Craft Corporation of Pennsylvania will be attending the 2013 Atlantic Builders Convention from April 10 – 11 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The convention is the largest building industry trade show in the Northeast and will feature both home builders and building product vendors. Located at booth number 1706, Ritz-Craft will be showcasing the benefits of their system-built construction.

By combining modern technology with skilled craftsmanship, Ritz-Craft builds every home in a climate controlled indoor building facility. This ability to build each home indoors ensures that all building materials remain shielded from the elements. By limiting exposure to temperature changes and moisture, Ritz-Craft is able to reduce the expansion and contraction of wood that can cause warping.

“Our ability to build in a climate controlled facility is one of the biggest advantages we can offer to both home builders and home buyers,” explains Steve Forcheskie, General Manager of Ritz-Craft’s Pennsylvania facility. “While a house is being built indoors, all of the necessary preparation can be completed at the building site. This means that home builders can use fewer subcontractors and home owners can reduce the length of their construction loans – allowing everyone to save money without sacrificing quality.”

Ritz-Craft’s ability to offer a quality home in a fast and affordable manner makes them an excellent resource for those home builders and home owners looking to rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy. In fact, in the wake of the storm, several system-built homes were found to have little to no damage in areas where other, site-built homes had completely collapsed.

Ritz-Craft has an independent, authorized network of building partners with model home centers throughout 29 states and into Canada, making Ritz-Craft a leader in the system-built home industry. Established in 1954 and headquartered in Mifflinburg, PA, Ritz-Craft remains a privately held company with additional construction facilities in Michigan and North Carolina. Most recently, Ritz-Craft has been recognized with four awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design from Building Systems Council of the National Association of Home Builders.

For more information about custom, system-built homes from Ritz-Craft, visit or call 800-326-9836.