October 01, 2010

Ritz-Craft Profiled in Modular Homes Magazine

Hybrid on the Hillside

This North Carolina house is known by the employees of Ritz-Craft Homes as “The Grand Teton Plan,” but to homeowners Jason and Tina Deck it’s simply “our beautiful home.”  The Decks had the modular home built from scratch in an area that was previously unpopulated, but they are far from novices at this type of construction project.  This is their ninth house.

“One of the big issues was affordability,” Tina Deck says.  “The cost point was our biggest reason for choosing [Landrum, South Carolina house builders] Maston Homes.  We knew the company through our own business (a ready-mix concrete business).  I can walk into Maston and pick all the materials for the house out in one stop.  We ended up feeling like we got a whole lot more out of our money than we expected.  There were no surprises at the end.”

Download the full article as it appeared in the Fall 2010 edition of Modular Homes Magazine.