October 07, 2011

Ritz-Craft Corp. Exceeds Energy Star Standards by 31%

Commitment to High Performance Energy Efficient Homes

A recent study, conducted by Certified Energy Raters, LLC, found that the average Ritz-Craft Energy Star® labeled home built in 2010 exceeded the Energy Star version 2.0 standards set by the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Having worked with all of the Ritz-Craft modular plants for the last 4 years, Certified Energy Raters has inspected, energy modeled, field tested and final labeled all of their Energy Star performance homes,” elaborates Bill Patrick, CEO/President of Certified Energy Raters, LLC. “Choosing a Ritz-Craft home with the Energy Star performance option provides an excellent value to the homeowner not only in energy savings but also a healthier and more comfortable place to call home.”   

All homes that are Energy Star® labeled and performance tested are held to certain standards that are set by the EPA. Each house is given scores in two specific categories: a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score and a home air infiltration rate. A standard home has a HERS score of 100 and the EPA considers a home with an air infiltration rate of 3.50 ACH to have a tight envelope.

Of all the homes Ritz‐Craft built and labeled as Energy Star® in 2010, the average air infiltration rate was 2.42 ACH which is 31% better than what the EPA considers a ‘tight’ home at 3.50 ACH. The average HERS score for Ritz‐Craft was 49 which is 51% more energy efficient than the minimum code built home.

Ron Gaudet, a Connecticut builder that specializes in energy efficient homes and is the developer of a “Green” sub-division utilizes the Ritz-Craft system-built home product states: “The homes that I received from Ritz-Craft have always been more efficient than any other System-Built company that I have been involved with. My experience with the Energy Star testing of Ritz-Craft Homes has been nothing short of stellar.”

According to Director of Sales, David Lovell, "Ritz-Craft's Energy Star® program has made it easy for our builders to comply, which has been a huge selling advantage for Ritz-Craft and our builders. The customer gets the peace of mind that their new Ritz-Craft home is well insulated and air tight. They will also enjoy a higher re-sale value, since their home will feature the Energy Star® label."

Although Ritz-Craft offers Energy Star® labeled homes, it is important to note that all Ritz-Craft homes are inherently energy efficient due to our detailed construction methods. The ability to construct homes indoors means that the wood used to build our homes is not subjected to changes in weather. This provides walls and floor systems that are true and straight, sheathing that is caulked at the seams which results in a home with much less air infiltration.

Ritz-Craft Corporation is a privately held, vertically integrated company headquartered in Mifflinburg, PA. With its roots in residential homebuilding dating back to 1954, Ritz-Craft Corporation has risen to be an industry leader in the system-built industry. The company has additional production facilities in Michigan and North Carolina. For more information about Ritz-Craft Energy Star® labeled homes visit or call 800-326-9836.

~ View this press release as published on Yahoo! News on 10/7/2011